Teen Transforms into Game Developer in One Day

Explore how AnswerAI can revolutionize education through our story about Harrison, a 13-year-old who used AI to code a game in a day. Discover the power of AI in teaching and learning, and join us in creating a future where every student can unlock their full potential.

World at War Game

In the evolving educational landscape, AI technologies like AnswerAI are playing an instrumental role in redefining learning experiences. Today, we will share a fascinating story about a teenager, who, under the mentorship of AnswerAI's CEO Brad Taylor, used AnswerAI to create his very own video game – all in a single day, starting from scratch!

Coming Up with the Game Concept - Ideation with Journeys

At just 13 years old, Harrison had never written a line of code before he stepped into the world of AnswerAI. Harrison loved playing video games and talked about wanting to make them in the future when he "grew up". So I decided to invite him over one Sunday and show him how he could learn to create one now using AI. It went far better than I could have imagined.


Harrison decided to create a video game titled "World at War," the first step for Harrison was to ideate on the game's concept. This is where AnswerAI's Journeys came into play. Journeys acted as a project roadmap, helping him visualize and structure his game's concept from ideation to execution, breaking down the overarching project into manageable tasks. This is the power of AI in education.

Creating Graphic Prompts and Coding - Execution with Sidekicks

Next, Harrison needed to create the graphics for his game. Crafting effective image prompts can be challenging, but with AnswerAI's Sidekicks, this process became incredibly straightforward. A Midjourney Sidekick guided Harrison in generating creative and effective image prompts for his game's graphics.

aisidekick a sprite that is a man from ww1 with beat up cloths e7b41451-c499-4d62-b98d-db27927499e7

Once he had the graphics ready, it was time to dive into coding. Harrison used AnswerAI to generate the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required for his game. Despite his lack of prior coding knowledge, the coding Sidekicks helped him understand the fundamental concepts of these programming languages, making the learning curve less daunting.

code-update world at wat

A Day's Transformation - From Novice to Game Developer

By the end of the day, Harrison had a general understanding of key coding concepts such as variables, functions, and switch-case statements, demonstrating the vast potential of learning with AnswerAI. And he didn't just learn about these concepts – he applied them in creating his own video game, "World at War," a remarkable achievement for a single day's work. Not to mention we even got some Zelda time in as well showing him you truly can balance work with fun.

Harrison ChatGPT

From knowing nothing about coding to developing a fully functional game, Harrison's story is a testament to AnswerAI's educational potential. You can view the source code and play Harrison's game here.

Play World at War

View the Source Code


  • A: Left

  • D: Right

  • W: Jump

  • Space: Fire

My high score is 7 coins! How many can you get?

A Call to Action for Educators

We invite educators worldwide to harness the power of AnswerAI, in their teaching journey. We're committed to working closely with schools to create a safe and stimulating environment for students to interact with AI. It’s more than just a tool - it’s an opportunity for students to acquire valuable skills that will be increasingly crucial in the near future.

Let's take a step together towards a future where every student can unlock their full potential, just like Harrison, using the power of AnswerAI.