An Expert for Every Task

From account management to coding, content creation to decision making, AnswerAI's Sidekicks are here to assist you. Our AI assistants are tailored to fit your unique needs, capable of understanding and implementing your distinct goals. With Sidekicks, you command, and AI delivers. Get the answers you need, in the context you require, from an AI assistant that understands you.


More than just saved prompts

Sidekicks are versatile and can be used in a variety of domains. Whether you're in marketing, HR, product design, or any other field, Sidekicks can become an invaluable assistant. They can help with everything from account management to coding, from content creation to decision making.

They are designed to understand you and implement your distinct goals, making them an invaluable part of your team. They can interact with your data, enhancing its relevance and ensuring accuracy. This means they can provide you with the answers you need, in the context you require, from an AI assistant that understands you.


A Sidekick for Every Team

Sidekicks features a collection of AI assistants geared towards leadership support and problem-solving. The Decision Making Sidekick provides guidance, ensuring effective decision-making by considering multiple perspectives. The Root Cause Analysis Sidekick identifies underlying issues and helps develop action plans, fostering an effective problem-solving environment. The Prompt Assistant, on the other hand, aids in crafting effective prompts, assisting in clear and precise communication, which is vital for leadership.

For product development, the PRFAQ Creator and Product Manager help shape user stories and formulate effective PRFAQs. To support your decision-making process with solid data, the Research Assistant provides comprehensive insights, promoting data-driven decisions.

Along side our open-source product Alpha42, Sidekicks provide invaluable technical support through the Coding Expert and Debugging Expert. Whether it's creating new code or identifying and rectifying code issues, these assistants ensure your applications run smoothly. The QA Assistant further improves the quality of your code through meticulous testing and bug checking.

Sidekicks provides robust solutions to streamline account and task management. The Account Manager Expert proficiently handles account-related queries, enhancing operational efficiency. For proficient task scheduling, the Week Planner efficiently prioritizes tasks, ensuring optimal productivity.

Sidekicks has an array of assistants catering to different aspects of content creation. The Blog Outline Expert crafts compelling blog outlines, while the Blog Critic provides insightful suggestions to elevate your blog content. The API Docs Assistant helps compile comprehensive API documentation, ensuring seamless technical communication.

Enhance your customer service experience with the Customer Support Sidekick, which provides prompt responses to customer inquiries. The Outbound Email Creator generates engaging outbound emails, while the Email Subject Brainstormer formulates catchy subject lines, bolstering your customer engagement.

Organizational Context

It's not just about understanding you as an individual. Sidekicks are also designed to understand the context of your organization. For instance, when creating new content, Sidekicks can enforce your brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and adherence to your brand's voice and tone. Moreover, with personalized templates, Sidekicks can deliver responses in the exact format and style you prefer.


Sidekick Studio

With Sidekick Studio, you have the power to shape your Sidekick's goals, AI models, and interaction styles to match your specific needs. This means you can design an AI that 'speaks your language', transforming your team into AI-powered superstars. With Sidekick Studio, experience AI that is uniquely yours.