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Integrated with Your Data

AnswerAI integrates seamlessly with your data breaking down the barriers to using advanced AI in your organization. Use any AI model to combine your data, with your style, creating an AI that understands you and your goals.

Learn about how marketers, engineers, customer support, educators, team leads and more are using AnswerAI in every part of their organization.


The AI platform for enterprise companies

Seamless Data Integration

Unlike many AI products that work in isolation, AnswerAI consolidates data from a wide array of tools and platforms, including Slack, Jira, Confluence, Notion, Airtable, and more. This ensures seamless access to relevant data when needed.

Innovative Task Management

With the Journeys feature, AnswerAI provides a groundbreaking approach to complex task management. It breaks down large goals into manageable tasks, making it easier to manage large projects.

Expert Prompts

AnswerAI includes Sidekick experts that can provide specialized assistance for different areas, including marketing, engineering, HR, and customer support. These prompts are tailored to the unique needs of each field.

Data Privacy

AnswerAI prioritizes data privacy and has made a commitment not to train new models on your data without permission. For enterprise customers, AnswerAI offers first-party cloud database hosting options.

Customizable Experts

With Sidekick Studio, AnswerAI enables you to create your own AI experts tailored to your company's unique needs, thus providing a more personalized experience.

Coding Reimagined

D.A.I.S.Y. Document Automation and Intelligent System, allows for direct interaction with your organization's code, enabling debugging, refactoring, and generation of exact code snippets.

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Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Tools

AnswerAI recognizes the uniqueness of your organization, and our solution is designed to work with your specific data, enhancing relevance and accuracy. Streamline your workflow by bringing data from various sources under one umbrella with AnswerAI.


Chat with websites, documents and more

AnswerAI utilizes your specific documents and web pages to provide context-driven, reliable AI responses. Unlike other solutions that try to guess what web pages you want to use, AnswerAI allows you to bookmark specific webpages and entire sites so you can compare, research and summarize the sites you care about.

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Every Answer starts with a Journey

Experience a groundbreaking approach to tackling complex projects with Journeys, an innovative feature exclusive to AnswerAI.

You provide the goal, and Journeys breaks it down into manageable tasks, all while suggesting the most relevant datasets to streamline your progress.

But Journeys isn't just about breakdowns and datasets - it's about being a proactive companion. Encounter a challenge? Journeys assists in refining your prompts, help you pinpoint the root cause, facilitating effective problem-solving, and keep you on track.

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Expert Assistance at Your Fingertips

Meet our Sidekicks – your AI assistants tailored to fit your unique needs. Think of Sidekicks as saved prompts, not only capable of understanding and implementing your distinct goals but also capable of harnessing the power of different data sources.

What sets Sidekicks apart? They talk to your data, in your way. Regardless of the domain, be it marketing, HR, product design, or any other field, Sidekicks become your team's invaluable assistants. They extend their help by adapting to your data, enhancing its relevance, and ensuring accuracy.

With Sidekicks, you command, and AI delivers. Get the answers you need, in the context you require, from an AI assistant that understands you.

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Customize Your AI with Sidekick Studio

Welcome to Sidekick Studio, your gateway to personalized AI assistance. Here, you have the power to shape your Sidekick's goals, AI models, and interaction styles to match your specific needs.

Whether you're in marketing, HR, or finance, Sidekick Studio enables you to design an AI that 'speaks your language.' Transform your team into AI-powered superstars, handling complex tasks and making confident, data-driven decisions.

With Sidekick Studio, experience AI that is uniquely yours.

Robot Blueprint - Sidekick Studio

Reimagine Coding with D.A.I.S.Y.

Our open-source package, D.A.I.S.Y., makes it possible. Interact with your code, get exact snippets, and chat with your code.

Say goodbye to endless copy-pasting. D.A.I.S.Y. retrieves precise snippets from your repository based on your needs, empowering you to debug and refactor with unprecedented ease and speed. This smart interaction with your code not only saves you time but also enhances the quality of your development process.

This is coding reimagined.

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Enterprise Privacy at the Forefront

At AnswerAI, data privacy is not an afterthought, it's a priority. We fully acknowledge the value of your intellectual property and understand the risks that come with the mishandling of data. For this reason, we have made a commitment – we don't train or capture your data without your permission.

For enterprise customers, we go a step further to protect your data by offering first-party database hosting options. This means your data remains within your control, minimizing potential breaches. But we don’t stop there; our solution is architected to ensure privacy at each layer, guaranteeing optimal security.

Choose AnswerAI - where your data stays your own and serves to enhance your business, not someone else's.

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Our pricing is designed to accommodate both individual and enterprise needs, providing a flexible structure with free, self-service, and enterprise tiers. We believe in delivering value at all levels, ensuring that whether you're an individual seeking to chat with the web or a large team wanting to harness the power of AI for your data, we have a solution for you.

Open Beta


Our open beta offers a unique opportunity for anyone to chat with the web, upload documents and transcripts, and access open-source code repositories using D.A.I.S.Y.. We believe in the democratization of AI, enabling users to experience our powerful tools without cost.


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The Team plan is perfect for individuals or small teams (up to 10 users), priced at $20/user. This tier grants you the ability to connect your data sources and automatically add them to your knowledge base, with data caps on training usage for document embedding.

Enterprise Beta

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Join our waiting list for our Enterprise Beta. We connect your data sources and develop personalized Sidekicks tailored to your specific needs. The safest and fastest way to get started with generative AI in your enterprise.